Friday, December 12, 2008

Blessing Baby Boyd

On of the things we were able to do while we were in California for Thanksgiving was to be there for our newest nephew's blessing. Baby Boyd is still so tiny. Shelly and Q drove down from San Jose so that they could bless him in the Downey Third Ward, better know as Wilcox Church Headquarters. Q gave Boyd a beautiful blessing. Boyd wasn't to happy about the idea though. When the men almost dropped he decided it was time to go back to Mom and cried through most of the blessing.

Afterwards we all gathered at home for a good-old-fashioned dinner party. We had the yummiest salads, all the fixings for sandwiches and ice cream after most of the company had left. I am so glad we happened to be in town at the right time. Shelly and Q Boyd is beautiful!

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Andrea said...

What a beautiful baby! That pic is amazing!