Monday, December 8, 2008

Best Friends Forever

Eliza is my best friend because I've know her since I was a baby. She is so nice to me. We are twins. She makes me happy because she tells the funniest jokes and she is just my best friend. I remember that we always got into trouble together. I got to visit her during my Thanksgiving vacation. We made a cake together. It was a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. Eliza wanted us to have matching aprons. So we found aprons that matched. When we ate dinner Eliza;'s apron got dirty and she had to change her apron, so i changed mine too so that we would still match. I always get sad when we leave because she is my best friend and I never want to leave her. I didn't even know she liked fairies and when I visited her I found out she did. That proves that we are twins.


Spencer and Audrey said...

Jen, I love your posts! You have such a way of expressing your feelings (always have). At this point in my life I feel that I am luck to even make note that an event happened... let alone the feelings that came with it. Thank you for writing!

Blaire said...

i love that girl!

Kath said...

Eliza says, "Awesome, I love that picture because Emily is my best friend!"