Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Caroling With Angles

Literally that is how I felt Sunday night. I took my group of Achievement day girls caroling to the area in our little city dedicated to assisted living called Patriots Landing. I am working with them on the "service" requirement for their goals. My group of five girls: Emily Baker, Ashleigh Eubanks, Sophie Crawford, Bienna Shelton and my Emily were out for an hour making the Holidays merry and bright. We visited every home that had lights on inside and sang two songs. After singing we handed out pass-along cards for the "Joy to the World" DVD and some goodies.

I realized that tonight just how much I really do love this group of girls. They sang with such beautiful voices and were so truly, genuinely, sweet to the elderly that we visited. I hardly made it through a single song without getting choked up. Every song (and we sang many) I stood there watching "my" girls bring joy and happiness to total strangers. Not once did they complain about the cold. They were always kind when people wanted to hug them, even kiss one on the forehead, or invite us in to see a Creche. I was so proud of them. I mean really busting with it. At one door the women we had just sung to asked me if they were all mine. I told her they were my group of girls from church, but in my heart I thought that I would be proud to be the mother of any of these girls. And that their mother's must be so happy with the blessing that each of these sweet daughters of our Heavenly father is in their home.

We made people so happy Sunday. Tears, story telling, shaking at the door, many thank you's are what we witnessed for our efforts. (the girls were also very happy about the candy they collected along the way) But I hope my girls went home feeling the same way I did. Warm all the way through.


blaire said...

that's so awesome you guys did that together. they really are a great group of girls!

Heather said...

Thanks for helping Brienna make such wonderful memories and learn important life lessons. She is really going to miss being in your group. I am grateful that she has such a wonderful leader and I have a good friend in you.

Andrea said...

I love Activity Day! It was one of my most fave callings! They are so sweet and so Christlike. They love to do nice things for others.