Friday, December 12, 2008


There aren't many things that could every persuade me to move back to California. I love Washington so much. But during Chase's baseball season better weather for outdoor sports could have almost been enough for me to pack my bags and head back down to the Sunshine State. Cousins however are a constant pull. We have the greatest extended family and if we ever do move it will only be to be closer to them. It is such a blessing to have so many children in the family. And even more of a blessing that they love each other so much!

Katie has sooo much fun playing with Claire this trip. They were just perfect for each other. One thing I have always loved about Dave's sister Liz's kids is that they have the most awesome imaginations. They can make the coolest play scenarios out of nothing. In this case a bowl they found on the drive way became a witches stew. Claire is so sweet to my girls. She is age-wise right in between Emily and Kate and she is immediately a best friend forever when we go to visit.
This visit was especially fun because Liz and Brent have finished their tree house in their awesome backyard. Chase, Andrew and Scott even got to sleep out over night once. I thought for sure that they would come to the door begging to come in once it got cold, but they stayed out all night. Boy Scouts all the way through.

We went to this cool spot just around the corner from the Lane home where there was a little stream and lots of willow vines. It was perfect. The kids played Tarzan for an eternity. They would come and complain about their hands hurting, and then be back at it again after sitting didn't offer half the excitement of swinging through the trees.
We had a great time with Alex while we were at Grandma's house and it was extra cool to meet two new cousins this trip. Garrett and Boyd, Sara's body guards in training.
Next time we go down to California for a visit we were be able to spend time with four more cousins. As Dave's oldest brother has just moved his family to Burbank. That will be something to look forward to. Maybe even make the 18 hour drive more bearable.
We have the greatest cousins in the world and that's all there is to it.


blaire said...

cousin's really are the best! especially when you're a kid. i remeber doing all sorts of crazy things with my cousins that i totally got away with just because i was doing it with my cousins. glad to see your kids love 'em too:)

Andrea said...

So fun! what cute kids! We are looking forward for a visit from you guys as well. They are all so creative, aren't they?

RuSty and LaLa said...

HOw fun! That first picture with the kids in Grandpa's boat brought back olts of memories. I remember when I used to fit in the life jacket Scott was wearing. Haha! SO fun to see those guys all together!