Sunday, July 25, 2010

Becoming A Young Man

This was Chase's big weekend. Today he went from being a boy to beginning his journey to Manhood. I looked at him all dressed up nice and excited to get the Priesthood and I couldn't believe how fast time has flown. He was just a boy swinging swords, playing legos, racing hot wheel cars and building forts. Now he is in Junior High taking classes that are so beyond me I can't even help him with his homework. He turned twelve and all of the sudden he is busy as can be. We have soccer practice twice a week, a game every week, mutual now and then Junior high has brought hours of homework everyday.

Seeing him all grown up makes me wonder if I have done enough to teach him. What kind of choices will he make now that they are going to really start to mater. Does he know we love him? Will he start to grow out of that occasional sweetness he surprises us with. What will his new interests and hobbies be. I look at him and there is just a clean blank slate. A whole life ahead of him waiting to be filled. I love him. My only son, I am so proud of you.

Chase had lots of family come to support him and celebrate his ordination. You can hardly see him in the background there. But that is one very happy Deacon. He beamed from ear to ear. I wasn't really thinking clearly that Sunday. It has been so long since we have had a big "milestone" blessing. Usually I try to record them or write notes in shorthand so that I can write it down for my children to remember. But I was so overwhelmed being in a room with all these wonderful people. You could feel the love in that room. Even now as I write about it tears come. Chase is so lucky to have so many wonderful people in his life. So I don't remember anything about his blessing. I just remember the feelings. I was so proud.

Chase had quite the support team. Here he is with his Dad, my Father (Bob), Dave's father (Wayne) and Chase's Great Grandpa (Bob or Papo). These are all great men. They are wonderful examples to Chase. This October they are going to try to get together to meet in Salt Lake for the Priesthood Session of conference. This is Chase's chain. He has a lot to look up.

post script:
Chase has been preforming his priesthood duties now for a few months. He takes it very seriously. Every Sunday he puts on Papo's watch and ring and dresses sharply to look his best. He makes sure that we are leaving with enough time to get him to church with enough time to be ready to pass the Sacrament. Watching him makes me so proud. I love when he is passing to our row. He is very serious about it. He loves getting to call on people to say the prayer when Dad is not home. Last Sunday he was called to be the secretary in the Deacon's quorum. And best of all a few weeks ago he bore his testimony. He said, "I am really glad that I have the Priesthood. Before I used to not like coming to church. Now I like coming. I like how I feel when I pass the Sacrament. " There was more but I couldn't remember and again I wasn't writing. Partly because I was caught by surprised and didn't have stuff handed to record his testimony, but mostly because I was so darn proud and happy I was busy wiping away tears.


Anonymous said...

Chase is one lucky young man, not only is he loved by his mom and dad he is loved by his extended family of grandparents and etc. I for one think about him often, pray for him to make right choices, and my heart swells when I hear what a wonderful young man he is becoming, he started out being the apple of my eye and he has never fell from that position in my heart.
Grandma D.

Anonymous said...

What an incredile young man we have in our family to carry on our legacy. Chase I am very proud of you and your good choices! Maybe we can serve a mission together!
Tucson Grandpa.

Kath said...

Way to go Chase! The Lindsays are proud of you.