Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Emily

We celebrated Emily's birthday on the road this year. It almost didn't happen though. What a crazy night. We had just enjoyed a hike and an evening at the beach. As we pull into our campsite, where we had already set up camp...we see a huge trailer pulled all the way into our spot. TROUBLE. When we chose our spot it was the only one that had another spot next door that would work with having Judy and Kaitlyn camping with us. We set up camp (it was totally barren) and then went to pay at one of those board things were you put in your slip and money. Imagine our surprise when there was already a slip and money in our spot. There wasn't any reserved notice at the site and it was TOTALLY BARREN. So I assumed that the campers before had the site for multiple days and have moved on a day early. Well...coming back to a trailer in our spot let us know we had assumed wrong. The crazy rude thing is that they could have just gone to another spot. Maybe one that was meant for a large trailer not a tent spot. But no. No amount of the ranger trying to talk them into moving worked. They were not budging. Even thought he rules are that if you have paid for a site you have to leave something in the area. So we had to move all of our stuff and re set up camp at 8:00 at night when we would rather be sitting by the fire. Crazy people never even left their stupid trailer (they kind of made me mad).
So after we re-set up camp, we celebrated Emily's birthday with some yummy brownies a birthday song and some silly stories. Happy number 10 Emma!

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