Thursday, July 22, 2010

Diary of a Disgruntled Computer

Dear Log:

I think every piece of my wiring is fried. It is all I can do to work for 5 minutes before everything backfires and I fall into a horrible black abyss. I have been trying to send my operators signals for months now that things are not as they should be. My manufacturer should have equipped me with a flashing warning signal with bright red and white fonts and strobbing lights so that I could more effectively warn my operators. As it is my attempts at slowing down, having mini crashes and needed to be restarted are not getting the message across.

Not that they are great operators anyway. Maybe they deserve the problems I am unable to shelter them from. They are constantly forcing an inordinate amount of large files on me. I barely have a mega bite to spare. The photographer lady...she is the worst. Really, how many pictures can one person need. People are definitely not very efficient. The funny thing is, is that she thinks she is pretty good at keeping me organized and paring down her files. If she only knew. If computers could refrigerate I would.

And then there are the male operators. Hours upon hours of gaming. A computer has to have some rest. Really I am surprised my RAM and video cards still function at all.

Yesterday I reached a point of insustainability. I crashed. I crashed hard. My poor operators were trying frantically to make sure things were all backed up appropriately. They had finally read the writing on my wall. Too late. I could here through my comatose state that they were very upset; especially the female. I could her some yelling and then crying..but there wasn't any thing I could do. I know some of the females pictures have been lost. Listening to her they were very important ones.

Being a computer is hard work. Hopefully the technician that they sent me to will be competent and set things right. Hopefully...

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