Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Killing Two Birds With One Stone

What do you do to celebrate a boy's birthday when he is turning 12? You want it to be super memorable. He is too old for toys and not really into big kid things like clothes, watches etc.. He never asks for anything really so you don't have much to go on.

What do you do for your Grandpa who is coming to visit for your son's special weekend? He wants to spend some one on one quality time with Chase. He isn't very mobile. He has high class tastes too.

What do you do???

It took me a few weeks to think up something satisfactory. Finally I felt I had an idea good enough to run by Dave. How about a private chartered flight??? Chase loves flying. Papo loves flying and tells us all the time about his private jet and flying years. It wouldn't require any walking. Best of all it is special and hopefully memorable.

It was a winner. We asked Chase what he thought about a sunset flight to Mt. Rainer with Papo. He was all over it.

We had fun surprising Great Grandpa with the idea too. I drove them to the airfield with strict instructions to take some pictures. Both men young and old enjoyed the flight. Chase even got to help land the plane. So I think it was a success. Chase and Papo were both really excited to tell me all about it when I picked them up! I think it was the perfect way to celebrate my son becoming a young man.


Anonymous said...

I really love the picture of the sun on chase's face, get shot.

Anonymous said...

Yea, you definitely scored one that one.

Nicole said...

One more thing I hope my children never learn about- in the case of knowing what some moms do for their children, maybe ignorance is bliss :)

Familia Bethers said...

You are seriously the coolest mom ever! (Grand-daughter too!)