Friday, July 23, 2010

High Rock

I love taking my parents to the beautiful places of Washington when they come to visit. Someday maybe I will convince them to by a summer home up here. Then they could be snow birds and winter in Arizona. It would be perfect my sister and I could split them 50/50.

High Rock is an old fire look out that has been on the top of my list of hikes to do ever since our friends the Bakers went a few years ago. He brought back knock your socks of pictures. I will buy one from him some day for our home! We tried taking my parents last time they came to visit but there was still snow on the ground. This visit I knew the weather would be perfect.

The hike itself was beautiful. It was lined by wild blueberry and huckleberry bushes. And the wild flowers were amazing. Sara starting a bouquet at the beginning of her assent to the top and this is what she had collected by the time she reached the top. So many beautiful colors. We had fun helping her add to her collection.
We had some really beautiful panorama vistas on our way up. Once we got half way we finally had an opening on the the side Rainer was on. I don't know how it works but it felt like we were up just as high and looking across to it from equal ground. Unfortunately we were not able to stop and enjoy the views for very long or very often. I had forgotten bug spray and they little blood suckers were relentless. We literally had to push forward the whole way up (and it was up the whole way) in order to keep ahead of the mosquitoes.Here the girls are at the top on the look out tower. We were the only ones up there. It was so nice to have it all to our selves. I don't exaggerate one bit when I say it is the best view I have ever seen. What an amazing payoff for such a short hike! Dave and I have already talked about bringing the kids back up backpacking and over knighting in the cabin. It was stunning. We could see across the sound and to the Olympics on the one side. Rainier huge and imposing and rocks throw away (or so it seemed). And then we could see Adams, Helens and Hood on the other side. Grandma and Grandpa we treated to something truly, beautifully Washington. They didn't really have a chance to relax and soak it all in though. Boy were they having fits watching the girls play on the rock outcroppings. Look at that hold my Mom has on Kate! My poor Dad couldn't take it anymore. In order to prevent a heart attack he started heading back down. Too be fair i was a little freaked out too. Sara just didn't know how to be safe and Emily is a horrible combination of carefree and klutzy! So they had to spend most of their time in the cabin while Dave, Grandma and I waited around for the sun to set.
It was a great trip. I love going special places with Grandma and Grandpa. And maybe someday I will convince them to spend more time here!


Anonymous said...

A Fun hike, and so pretty, your shot of the pano turned out fantastic, you make me nervous when you talk about camping there, toooooooo dangerous, don't tell me until you return safe and sound.
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

If you thought that having my daughters up high made me nervous!!! Good thing there was a cabin.