Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boys, Dogs and Soccer...

Chase really enjoyed his week of soccer camp last week. He was out playing and learning from 9:00am to 3:00pm everyday. As you can imagine he came home exhausted everyday which was nice for me. Boys are like dogs. A breeder once told us that a tired dog is a good dog. Same with boys. Tired boys stay out of trouble and don't bother their sisters.

Chase loved his coaches. They were really well trained to work with children. I was really impressed. Even I enjoyed their senses of humor. They taught the kids skills, fun soccer games, told funny stories, sang silly songs, tricked the kids a few times and were just so great...Chase is really proud of some of his new moves. Especially his scissor kick. He told me half way through the week that he likes soccer way more than Baseball. It made me a little sad. Baseball is his ancestral family sport (at least two generations back are really into baseball). I am just starting to learn the rules so that I know when I can cheer and shouldn't. But then in my opinion they are both hard to watch. Baseball is sooooooooo slow with glorious moments in between. And then soccer is soooooo fast with many glorious moments that you miss though as you struggle desperately to keep your eye on the ball:-)

Anyway...just a Mother's blabbering. Here are some pictures from Chase's week at camp. Dress up the coach day at the end of the week was definitely a highlight. Mike was a great sport about wearing Emily's dress up skirt and even did a little dance around the field after I bribed him with a wipe to clean the lipstick off his face.

Learning to do headers

Practicing dribbling skills

Dressing up the coaches

World Cup (Chase's team is Australia)

Chase was the goalie the second match

He didn't let anything get by him

So Australia beat England in the World Cup Tounrnament!

Much to coach Mike's dismay, but he was all smiles when it came to picture time!

This game (Hey Johnny, Johnny, Johnny) kept the kids busy all week trying to figure out the secret!


Nicole said...

Ha ha- I like your synopsis of watching baseball and soccer...

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you to show me that impressive head shot.
Grandma D

Familia Bethers said...

How funny! Ile attended the same British Soccer Camp here in CO. It was his second year, and he always has a blast!