Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pioneer Farms

Pioneer Farms has been on my list of places to visit since our first stay in Washington. My friend Judy invited us to go this week and I was so excited to finally make it there! We were certainly not disappointed! It was like stepping back in time. First we visited the barn. We met the livestock, milked the Jersey cow and got to jump in the hay bales. The kids picked up the whole milking the cow thing a lot easier than I thought. They didn't have any problems. Did you know that a milk cow can keep her milk for up to a year after having a calf? I love cows. What would the world be like without milk?!

Then we headed to the Smithy shop. I was pretty surprised that the kids were invited to participate in these events. Chase was jumping at the bit to try things out. Anytime fire is involved I can count on Chase to be interested! The kids heated up the forge, pulled out the horse shoe, pounded it a few times and then quenched it in a bucket of water.

Next we went to the Wood Shop and sawed, hammered and drilled to our hearts content.

The school was fun. The kids learned about all the rules that if broken would result in lashings. I told Chase that his bottom would be so raw he would never be able to sit since most of the severe offenses involved teasing the girls.

We went on a short ride in a horse drawn wagon.

Then we headed over to the Residence Cabin to see how Pioneer families would have lived. I couldn't stop thinking about how much there cast iron pots and pans would be worth today. The cabin was lovely, I am so grateful for my little house that is for sure!

Our last stop was the Chore cabin were the kids tried their hands at all sorts of Pioneer children chores:
-hair curing
-beard shaving
-butter churning
-dough kneading
-corn mill grinding
-wheat grinding
-vegetable chopping
-wool combing
-coffee grinding
-cinnamon grating
-playing with pioneer toys
-trying on pioneer clothes


The kids had so much fun and are already asking to go back again soon. Next time we will make sure to bring our pioneer hats so we can fit in with the crowd a little better:-) No one wants to look like a tourist...


The Seaquist Family said...

I've never even heard of that place. That is one thing I don't like about moving - is hearing of all the things I didn't do when living there. Guess I'll just have to try harder in NC. What a fun day.

Heather said...

Brienna is reading over my shoulder and says "we have to go there!" It looks like so much fun. I love the new blog look.

Nicole said...

At my VBS gig, one (past-LDS) lady was handed down a family-made chest that came across in the pioneer train- that would be awesome to have...