Monday, August 4, 2008

Dreams Do Come True!

At least they do for our Emily! I picked Emily up from horse camp on Saturday afternoon and she talked a million miles a minute all the way home about all the fun things she got to do and how much she loved it. We had a fun time sending her emails (which were never delivered), a really cool care package (I can't wait to have college students and missionaries) and writing her letters (which were probably delivered the afternoon after we picked her up)! Kate and I went out to visit Emily on Friday to take some pictures and I can honestly say I have never seen her so happy. And I was happy that all of the staff loved her and told me what a good little horse girl she was being. So everyone is happy. Especially Kate now that her favorite playmate is home.

So here is a short recap from Emily about her favorite camp memories:
I really liked riding Dusty bareback and trotting. Trotting was fun because it was so bouncy. I fell off because he was so bouncy and I think he tripped. (Mom says it was more because it was hard to keep my balance bareback). No, I didn't get hurt! My favorite horse was Dino, he was 17.5 hands tall. All of my friends called him Dino the dinosaur! Kaitlyn, my best friend, was there and it was really fun. She slept on the middle bunk. The bunks were three beds high and I slept on the top! One night my camera fell off. Someone told me they could fix it so she looked at it and thought it was out of batteries. I thought that would be kind of weird. But It was on the top bunk and the floor was concrete. Mom was really mad, but then Dad got it to work with batteries. So I couldn't take any pictures.

Mom sent me a care package with a bunch of stuff in it. It felt really good because I missed my family and they were missing me. I liked getting a letter in the package. We had fun painting our nails, eating the treats and playing with the plastic ponies, and other fun stuff.

One afternoon there was about to be a storm and we wanted to do all of our activities before the storm came. We painted some of the ponies. I painted Moe. I did her hooves and put some hand prints on her. Some of my friends did hearts and explanation marks. She looked really pretty when we were done!

We did really big campfires! We got to eat as many smores as we wanted. It was soooooo yummy. We sang lots of songs. Our camp leader could walk in the fire!!!! This is my favorite song that we made:

Oh I don't want to go to horsey camp
Gee Mom I want to go
back where the toilets flow
Gee Mom I want to go ho-o-ome
Horsey camp Horsey camp

The toilets that they give us
they say are mighty fine
but when you get inside them
they leave a big surprise

The showers that the give us
they say are mighty fine
but when you walk inside them
you drown in yucky slime

The lifeguards that they give us
they say are mighty fine
but when they take their make-up off
they look like Frankenstein!

The light bulbs that they give us
they say are mighty fine
but when they burn out quickly
you fall and break your spine!

The horses that they give us
they say are mighty fine
but when you pull their reigns too hard
you go for a nice fly.

The koolaide that they give us
they say is mighty fine
but when they don't put sugar in it
it taste like I would die!

The biscuits that they give us
they say are mighty fine
but one rolled off the table
and killed a friend of mine!

The carrots that they give
they say are mighty fine
but when you feed the horses
they die by the next night!

There were lots of other songs and they were funny! I LOVE that place and I want to go back there next year for the whole year!!!!


Lisa said...

How fun. How much was it and how long? It sounds so fun. You ARE going to be the best college/missionary mom with packages and letters!

April said...

So glad she got to go. What a great experience for Emily. She will remember that for life. Oh, and I can't wait for my kids to leave and go to college too:) Just kidding!!!!

Familia Bethers said...

You guys are awesome parents! Sounds like she will never forget how you guys helped her dream come true!

Meghan said...

Wow! Sounds like Emily had a lot of fun. I sure loved getting to go to horse camp when I was younger.

The Seaquist Family said...

Ok first you are the coolest Mom ever. Seriously - horse camp? Who's kid gets to do anything that cool. And the letters, etc. AWESOME. Chase is going to be that missionary that all the others are so jealous. Who needs a girlfriend when you have a mom like you? Looks like Emily had a blast. What a great experience.

Dana said...

What a lucky girl! I remember going to girl scout camps that were two weeks long. I have a lot of great memories from those days.

I'm so glad Emily got to experience that.

Jamie C. said...

Emily is one lucky girl! I wish I had speakers to hear her song. Seeing all the pictures makes me want to go find some horses to photograph...they're beautiful!

ps. pool sounds fun tomorrow. we might be up for it again...gabriella was complaining about a stomach ache tonight, so we'll see. it was CRAZY crowded today and just as it was clearing up there was a little accident in the baby pool. So gross. Call me tomorrow.

Rebecca said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!

Nicole said...

Emily- did you paint an actual horse? That is pretty neat! I am so glad that you had fun! Third nunk, huh? That's crazy! :)