Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rocker Chicks!

I think it is a fact that most girls love clothes. I know there are some...but as a whole our sex is all about fashion. My daughter is developing her own since of style these days. I love our new games (Guitar Hero and Rock Band) but better than the music or the sudo musicianship is the opportunity to fill my closet with virtual clothes and create my own cool character! Emily and her friend Kaitlyn have taken it even one step further. Dressing up virtually isn't enough. The other day I turned the corner from the kitchen to see the girls playing Rock Band in these outfits. They had their guitars strapped to them and were standing on our coffee table (tree stumps) dancing and singing! It was hilarious. Their outfits are pretty snazzy I think. I think they are going for a pump look. What do you say...would you go to their concert?


RuSty and LaLa said...

Looks like a music video for "white wedding".

Nicole said...

Be there in a heart-beat!