Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Queen For The Day

Emily was Queen for the day on Monday. Queen and King of the day are one of our favorite family traditions. The kids each get one designated day before schools starts when the are the boss. I have the kids make a list of all the things they want to do during the day. Then it gets approved (by the real Queen of the house) and we try to squeeze in everything they want to do. You only get this special rite once you have started school and each year it has been harder for Kate. She practiced making her own list this year:-) The kids make all the decisions: what we eat, where we go, who we spend time with, when we wake up and go to bed, or just plane who gets to do what in what order.

This was Emily's list this year:
- breakfast bonanza in the morning
- play date with Kaitlyn
- computer time
- lunch at the Olive Garden
- rent a movie (she chose The Black Stallion)
- book club meeting about Ink Heart
- Play date and sleep over with Sophie
- tie-dye t-shirts
- make a cake
- open house at Chloe Clark
- dinner and games at Chuck-E-Cheese
- watch movie
- stay up late

I think this was Emily's best list yet. She really took advantage of all the things she could potentially do and packed her day full of fun stuff.


Sarah said...

You are the best mom EVER! What fun ideas you always have!! I told Danny at dinner about your post regarding have me sold too:)

Anonymous said...

What a list, you are so creative in your thoughts, I like the things you came up with.
Grandma D

Nicole said...

Wow- sounds fun- I want to come to your house...