Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tubing Anyone?

The Crawford's took us out in their boat last week. We went out for a little bit before it started raining. And you never know what's going to happen once it does start to rain. No one wants to be stuck on the lake in a down poor right. So we head in, but not before my kids all got to try boat sports for the first time. Marissa asked Chase if he wanted to try tubing and he wasn't even interested in getting on the boat. Scavenging for "stuff" on the shore is more is style. Or was. We talked him into coming and trying the tube and he is totally converted. It was so funny to watch them. They all had a great time. On the way in Marrissa talked Kate into trying it out. Speaking of Kate we have had unbelievable break throughs with Kate's water issues! As you can see she tried tubing with the security of Tori holding on to her. None of that would have ever happened a month ago. Now she is taking baths and even asking for them (no tears). We even went to Wild Waves (no tears) where she played in the wave pool, went down a few tot slides and soaked in the hot tub. She is almost completed healed of what ever water ailment she had. Anyway we had a really great afternoon.


Nicole said...

Way to go, Kate!

RuSty and LaLa said...

That looks like good Wilcox fun!