Wednesday, August 27, 2008

King For The Day

Chase's special day for ruling the family was Tuesday. I think it showed how great his summer was when I looked at his list and it didn't look much different than a regular summer day at our house. I sent him back to add to his list twice in hopes that he would come up with something else. It just felt like such a waste when he could whatever he wanted (within reason). He never did add to the list. Dave commented that maybe that was all he wanted. One more great summer day, with out errands.
So here is Chase's list:

- breakfast bonanza
- play date with Jacob
- computer time
- play date with Hunter
- lunch at KFC
- magi quest at Great Wolf Lodge
- another play date with Jacob (why caught frogs and he managed to get stung twice by wasps)
- open house at Salters
- pizza for dinner
- rent and watch Ant Bully (I do not recommend it)
- stay up late

So now until next year rolls around again, I am back to being queen...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I knew you would have computer time in there. Why not game boy all day? I know you love it.
You make really good decisions, that is why you are my number one Grandson.
Grandma D