Thursday, October 4, 2007

Emily's Family Drawing

OK this is too funny so I had to share! Emily brought home one of those silly paper books they are always making in school. It was an "All About Me" book. On one of the pages she had to draw a family portrait. This is hers. I love the baby in my tummy. I love that the kids know what's going on in this big tummy of mine and that they are so excited for it to, "pop out" (Katie's words)!


The Seaquist Family said...

How sweet is she AND accurate. I loved the picture. I bet Mommy can't wait 'til that little person is standing next to her...instead on inside of her. Guess she understands what being pregnant means.

Jamie C. said...

Jenn that is so cute! That is a gem! I think it's so funny that everyone is a stick figure except you with your belly and Katie! Why is she round? What is Emily saying there? :)

MOM said...

I am not sure that the comment worked but love the site.