Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mathamatical Genius Revealed

Chase brought home a math problem that he worked on during his free time at school today. First I think it ways something that he chose to do a math problem when he could have done countless more normal things like draw, read or sit and talk to his classmates. But math ability has definitely been passed down from someone (Meghan my sister is the only one I know on either side of our families who has any unusual talents that I know of). Anyway he was so excited to come home and show me his work. Does anyone know the answer to:
679210875216810923478925782098118762189765342019821089101112282 Divided by 3?
It seriously took him nine pieces of paper to do the work. The number is so big I check check his answer on the calculator and there is noway I'm doing the work to know for sure. But I know my sister will so here is his answer:
(hopefully I didn't type things in wrong)He sat down with me and we did a problem that took up a whole page and he did it perfectly. I'm definitely wowed!!!!!


Lisa said...

Holy cow, Chase. You are amazing!!!! I will show this to Ryan when he gets home from school!

Meghan said...
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Meghan said...

I think the 17th digit should be 0 not 2 in the original, then it works. But can I just say how amazingly proud I am of him. My little Chase is growing up to be a mathematician just like his auntie!

Jamie C. said...

Wow! I am wowed too! I really did love math in school, but a problem like that would have made me hate it for sure!

Grandma said...

I am so proud of your math skills. You are for sure going to be the best math wiz kid ever. I love you.