Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hooray for Halloween!!!!

The kids have been bothering me about how unfair it is that Dave and I are having a Halloween party and they don't get to come. The other day I was thinking, "how hard could it be to have a party for big kids?" I followed the lead of a friend who is so clever and said, "I might be in the mood to throw a kids party if the house was clean," and they were off! So the next day I found myself planning a party while Dave was off rescuing his sister's family from forest fires. (They live in Fallbrook CA which has been consumed by raging fire) We bought store bought invitations and just wrote in our party info. Then we surfed the web and looked through my collection of ideas that I pull out of magazines looking for party food ideas. The kids each were allowed to invite 7 friends each. They chose which party dish to assign to each friend and the invites were hand delivered in the drizzling rain as we walked the dog on Sunday. I picked a few games I thought the kids would enjoy and bought some Halloween mad libs and that was that. Pretty easy. All I had to do was make punch and deal with 14 kids in my tiny house. Easy enough:-) The kids were so excited. Emily asked me every morning how many more days.

As friends started to arrive it became clear that we might be having a Griffendor House party. We had three Harry Potters and two Hermione Grangers. I had to break up a few duals because the Protegos, Expeliarmous and Acios were getting a little loud and carried away.

The kids all looked great in their costumes and they had all done such a wonderful job with the treats we had assigned them. I was shocked to see how much food the kids could put down. We went through almost everything they brought. The games were a riot. The doughnut game was my favorite (another clever friends idea).

We all had such a wonderful time. I love a good party. I really, really love that my kids have such wonderful friends!



Lisa said...

Oh, sad. My kids should be there! Love those kids! Great pictures!

AZ Grandpa said...

Jenny, you have put so much into this Blog. You are a great Mom!