Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I love Fall in Washington

Today was beautiful. A little bit crisp for some of you hot bloods out there I'm sure, but it was so pretty. After lunch I took Zeke out for a walk on one of our forested trails to enjoy the day. It was just beautiful. I love a slight bite in the air as long as it's not windy and I have a coat! With a blue sky and puffy white clouds over head I entered a wonderland of singing birds, woodpeckers, crunchy leaves under foot and beautiful colors all around me. I was alone...Zeke ditches me the moment I let him off just soak up the splendid scene and thank God I get to enjoy his masterpiece for one more Fall. The air even smells good it's just so crazy. On days like these I think to myself, "the rain is all worth it!"

I love the farms we visit together. How we will ever go back to pumpkins on the street corner I don't know if we move back to California. Dave and I recently went on a date to a near-by corn maze after dark. It was so fun to hold tight to him (to keep warm and not get lost) as he navigated our way through to all the check points. Part of me wanted to get lost in the stalks with him, but he was way to efficient. We made it through without getting lost at all. Darn all the military field training.

The kids love to visit the farms the most. They love the corn and hay mazes, the animals, hay rides, pumpkin bowling, apple slingshots, cider, etc... There are always limitless things to do if your a child. And the Farms around here definitely know how to make you want to come back year after year.

I love the Steilacoom apple squeeze. It's on Sunday every year so it's definitely a sin I'll have to pay for some day. There is just something really cool about small town traditions. We love making our own apple juice. It is unbelievable. I'm not kidding, you can't even tell it's related to the stuff in the store. This year they had a press with two handles so the whole family got in on the action at the same time. We love sending gallons of awesome juice to our grandparents! Somehow poor Grandma and Grandpa Wilcox's jug got lost in the mail this year.

I love pumpkins once their carved. Dave thinks we have our own pumpkin patch on our porch this year. The more the merrier I think. I love decorating for the holidays.

We love to BOO our friends with plates of goodies and this year we were Booed ourselves. I'm not sure what was more fun. Doing our own sneaking our opening the door to free goodies. This year I had to be the get-away driver. I'm not to fast now that I'm the size of a hippo. Katie has told half of our targets the surprise. (don't ever trust a 3 year old to keep a secret!)

I love dressing up and having parties (posts coming soon).

I love baking without worrying about heating up my house.

I just love Fall in Washington...and winter and spring and summer.....!


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Lisa said...

I love the colors of the trees in Washington. We just don't have those colors here in Georgia! I love to read about how you are taking advantage of all those fun Washington things to do. I love fall too!