Friday, October 19, 2007

Our Soccer Girl

Soccer season is almost over. I think that everyone will be glad about that in out family. Mom won't have to drive to practice twice a week and a game on Wednesday. Dad won't have to stress about games that his missing when he's working or the time the games are taking up 2when he does have a Saturday free. Chase and Katie will I'm sure appreciate not having to be dragged to everything and having more of their Saturday free. Emily has not enjoyed soccer at all. She groans every time we get ready to go. Most of the time she dances around the field as the ball and the other 15 kids or so zoom past her. She is not quite an athlete yet. For now we stick to Gymnastics which is still nice and low key. So, however unsuccessful our attempts were for interesting Emily in sports we at least got some good pictures.


The Seaquist Family said...

That is not totally true about Emily. I have been at every single practice (Guess that makes me crazy) and Emily has really improved. She will actually go after the ball now and is kicking it - in the right direction! Although she is for sure a girl!

AZ Grandpa said...

It is great seeing Emily in Sports. With her fair hair, she could even play at night!