Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Peek A Boo Baby!

We still don't know what we're having so nobody get excited!! Here are some sonogram pictures to tickle your taste buds. The black and white one is my standard 22 weeks sonogram and the 3D one is at 31 weeks taken this last weekend. This is the only picture that we got. Not only was the baby breech but it was facing my spine. Talk about noncooperation. Notice the pout???? I'm nervous! I tried everything. (jumping jacks, running, spinning, drinking capri-suns) This is the best we got of our little bundle. We still haven't decided on a boy's name. I've posted a poll on the blog so everyone vote and let us know which name you think sounds best: Garrett David or Dean Winston????? If we have a little girl I'm pretty sure we will stick with Sara Nicole (Nicole is my sister's name...I haven't even told her we're using it). Only two more months to go everyone!


Willie said...

Dean or Garrett? Those are the only choices?

Meghan said...

I still think our little baby looks adorible, though I'm sad you guys couldn't see more. PS, did I mention that I really like Garret?

Lisa said...

Ryan votes for Dean.