Friday, April 18, 2008

Aspiring to be a Ace!

(Shooting this Spring 2008)
The highlight of any trip we take to Arizona for Chase is always getting to shoot with Grandpa. My Dad has the most amazing JROTC group. He has raised them up from a small unpopular organization to a National ranked, very popular huge program. He buses in kids from other high schools who all want to be part of the Flowing Wells Program. The have an obstacle course, climbing wall, repel tower and a state of the art riffle range. My Dad's team is awesome. almost always they take home a top placement at their meets. It won't be long until they're number one in the Nation.

So when we visit we generally get to have fun with Grandpa's cadets. Sometimes we repel and sometime the kids climb on the rock wall...but always Chase wants to shoot. Maybe next year the gun will be closer to the right size. Chase is really an excellent mark. I wish I had saved his score to post it but he always hits the target.


Anonymous said...

That's my grandson!
Tucson Grandpa

The Seaquist Family said...

Ok, DO NOT let my boys know about this. I'll never hear the end of it. What fun for Chase. I guess it is Ok to be the only boy. What a lucky guy.

Blaire said...

I used to love going shooting with my dad, until I found out most people there were practicing so they could go shoot animals:( It was like finding out what a hotdog is made out of. It was very disturbing for me. But that's nice that Chase has some good times with Grandpa; especially for being out numbered by all those girls:)

For the record, I don't eat hotdogs.