Friday, April 18, 2008

Sabino Canyon Hike

This visit I really wanted to take the kids out on an adventure. They haven't really ever experienced Arizona. We always visit in the Summer when mere survival dictates staying indoors. Spring offers perfect weather. My Dad picked Sabino Canyon as our destination. It was an easy three miles round trip. If you hike up farther you can visit pools and waterfalls at the right time of the year. But in this case with little children our goal was to get to the river (more like a creak). The trail was blocked off anyway to go any farther due to some serious monsoon demolition! Arizona granted us just what I was hoping for. Crazy critters, treacherous landscape and warm weather to enjoy the water. Chase found and caught a horny toad. Much to the delight of his siblings and cousin who is learning to deal with "boy" issues. (like boys picking up weird scary looking creatures and of course picking on girls, especially their little sisters which happen to be her idol) Once we made it to water the kids got totally soaked and it wasn't long before they had caught frogs to entertain themselves with. My kids came out of the water drenched and my sweet little niece managed to get mostly wet. I am so proud of her! We also explored a tiny cave and spotted a gofer snake!

Even with all the sun screen I managed to get burned...but the kids came out unscathed, and they're the ones that really matter.

Thanks Mom and Dad for an awesome adventure!

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Andrea said...

Looks like you had some great AZ adventures with all the cousins! So fun!