Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Easter

We'll we had a very nice Easter in Arizona. Instead of eggs with running colors we had melted chocolate eggs. I still can't get over the 40% swing in temperature between Arizona and Washington. The kids were spoiled magnificently. I counted over 200 plastic eggs filled with candy that our clever little bunny hid throughout the yard. And that's not counting chocolate rabbits or other larger yummy treats. Just eggs. The kids were filling up their baskets and them coming to Grandpa to empty them all out to start again. It was total candy indulgence.

This year Chase was absolutely committed to recover the golden egg. Dave and I hide a golden egg ever year in a super tricky spot. The lucky finder gets a $5.00 bonus! Emily and Chase looked and looked. Then they took a break. After a quick cool down they were back out there. It was so funny to watch them. Emily has found it every year for the last 5 years. So Chase's new strategy this year was to follow Emily around always an arms length away. I guess he was counting on his arms being an extra 2 inches longer.

(can you see Katie in the background investigating what just fell?)
I hid the egg in the lens of my Mom's telescope. Then kids were right there looking. I was sure they were going to see it any minute. (Really the golden egg is just an exercise to improve their finding abilities. Maybe someday they will have enough skills to find their tie in their draw full of socks or their shoes in their cubbies:-) In the commotion of their searching the big kids kept knocking the telescope which went from tilted up to very quickly tilting down. It spilled it's goods right onto the porch in the hands of one very quick, underdog named Katie. She was so excited. She hasn't stopped talking about what she is going to buy with her golden egg.
Better luck next year big kids.


Andrea said...

Great pic of all the kids together. Adorable pic of Katie. She looks very proud!

The Seaquist Family said...

Seriously awesome. Sounds like our house (and Ava was only one yet ended up with all the money). Guess those big kids get too crazy sometimes. In too much of a hurry. I bet you and Dave were cracking up as Emily and Chase realized they were defeated by a three year old (or is she four?).

Nicole said...

Nope, the shoes will never be as exciting to find as the covented golden egg full of moola.