Friday, April 18, 2008


"Mom, why did you make oatmeal cookies? My friends wanted chocolate chip", says Katie yesterday afternoon after preschool at our house.
"Because I didn't have any chocolate chips," I tell her.
"That's OK Mom I forgive you, because I love you," she answers back after a minute of thought.

I was struck by this simple lesson in forgiveness that Katie shared with me yesterday. Not that I needed to be forgiven for not making collocate chip cookies. Maybe for not having chocolate chips. Well who knows... But more that she and all children demonstrate constantly how simple and sincere forgiveness should be.

Really it all does just come down to love. If you love someone you forgive them. Even if you did have to eat oatmeal cookies instead.


Nicole said...

I think Katie was forgiving you for eating all the chocolate chips :)

Blaire said...

I think Katie knows that if she is nice enough about the whole thing she'll get chocolate chip cookies next time:)...