Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ice Rink Nostalgia

Emily's friend Grace had her birthday party this last weekend at an Ice Rink. It was pretty fun to see Emily and her girlfriends enjoying themselves so much. She actually did way better than I thought she would do. I think the majority of her falls were on purpose. As I watched her I couldn't help but feel nostalgic about one of Dave's and my first dates. Katie was happy playing and Sara was asleep on a chair and I leaned over the observation rail not seeing Emily skating around out there but me and Dave, just beginning to fall in love.

The date started out with me making Chicken Parmigiana for Dave. (this was back in the days when girls felt they needed to show off their cooking skills) After dinner out on my parents porch we headed off to the Ice rink. Mostly we goofed around and held hands skating in circles. The night was still young so we walked around the U of A until we found some grass (grass is not very plentiful in Arizona) to sit on and talk. Too soon we were kicked off by sprinklers. But the most memorable part of the night for us both happened once we returned to my house. I invited Dave in. I still don't know why I got this itch to dance with him. I love to dance, but looking back I still think it was weird. I went downstairs to come back up with a Sting CD. I honestly can't remember if we danced to several songs or just the one. The one that became 'Our' song. As we danced to 'When We Dance' I totally felt the world as I knew it slip away. Suddenly there just wasn't anything else. Just Dave and me and his big framer arms holding me close. If I had to pick a moment when we fell in love this would be it.

Shortly after this fateful night I received a letter on my car as I left for school from Dave. Here is a snippet from him:

"I can't believe how I am feeling about you now. You seem to do something every time I'm with you that makes me like you more. Our slow dance convinced me that I'm crazy about you. That song has been running through my head for two days now, and with it comes the all too vivid memory of that dance. I love you Jenny DeWitt."

Isn't love a wonderful thing. A girlfriend of mine just wrote about thinking about the future of her little girl and how it will feel to see her falling in love with a special somebody. My wish for my girls is that they can fall in love with someone like their Dad. I think then and only then will it be easier to see them leave my home to start their own.


Jamie C. said...

That is so precious. What a romantic that Dave of yours! It most certainly was not weird that you danced with him and I love that bit you threw in about his "framer arms." Classic!

The Seaquist Family said...

I actually sighed out loud. What an adorable husband you have. And so sweet that you two danced. I love those sweet 'falling in love' memories. They can brighten any day. I agree with you about our little girls...and to think you have x3. Good Luck!

Rebecca said...

Very sweet, I need some of those pics you took, this one is so cute.

Blaire said...

Oh my GOSH! That is the sweetest note ever. I love it when men get sensitive and show their feelings--it's so endearing. Hopefully your girl will be as lucky as you:)

Familia Bethers said...

Really sweet & cool. Love to hear about that tender side of Dave!

Meghan said...

I remember that date. But you only ever told me about the ice skating. Dancing is so much better. And just for the record, I'm leaving you a comment even though I can only type with one hand. You should feel so proud.

Willie said...

I should have known your story would generate so many comments, all hopelessly romantic.

Going out on a limb here, but just to provide some male counterpoint, I hope my one-and-only publishes my love letters to her only after my passing, if ever.

And Dave, the contents of that letter are now fair game.