Friday, April 18, 2008

Cousin Time in Sierra Vista

On the last few days of our Spring Break vacation we added Dave to our party and headed south to Sierra Vista. Willie (Dave's oldest brother) and his family are still holding up the fort there, the last Arizona branch of the family. Our kids have really missed their Arizona Wilcox Cousins! They were very excited to finally get to see them again. Andrea and I were trying to figure it out and we think it has been three years since we saw these guys last. That is awful! The bloggoshpere has made it easier to keep in touch but it doesn't replace that need for a real live visit.

The kids were busy doing one fun thing after another. They roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, made birthday cake decorations out of fondant, built and rebuilt electrical cars and raced them through obstacle courses, played with space mud (see my creative blog), made creations out of clay, played air hockey, basketball, dress-up, tea party etc......

The highlight once again was a very cool outdoor adventure. We went up to Coronado national monument. We went on a small hike to the top of a hill to overlook the Coronado National forest (various sage brushes, struggling riparian trees and cactus) and the Arizona / Mexico border (it is the skinny dirt road in the back ground).

I know my kids really enjoyed trying on authentic conquistador chain mail and weaponry. They could barely support the weight. Poor Katie wanted to try some on and literally crumpled from the weight.

We had so much fun. Definitely more frequent visits are in order! When you have cousins this cool you shouldn't see each other once every three years!!!!!!!


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

We loved having you guys! I want that baby! Great pics except the ones of my bottom. Gee thanks! Glad you came to see us! It was awesome!