Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Soccer Champion

Chase was so glad to hear that British Soccer Camp would be coming back to Dupont. It was part four of his perfect summer. First Cub Scout day camp, then Nisqually Nature camp, A visit to his friend Ryan in Georgia and last but not camp.

We were able to talk his friend Hunter into signing up with him again this year. They weren't lucky enough to be on the same world cup team though. They were able to train together though under coach Paul. There were lots of fun drills and games.
But it really all comes down to who wins the world cup! The kids played several matches throughout the week and were able to earn points for team spirit and good sportsmanship. At the end of the week they had their final tournament. Chase was goal keeper for his team. And they played really well but lost to Hunters team. Fortunately they had so many extra credit points they won the cup. So Australia take courage...maybe your luck in the big leagues will turn!
I am sad that we will have missed soccer sign ups near our new home. Chase really does love soccer and has never been on a team. Maybe next year...


Anonymous said...

You look like a champ!!
Grandma D

Andrea said...

looks fun!great job!