Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ape Caves

On our third day camping we loaded up the cars and headed to Mt. St. Helen's. It had been at least four years since we came here last with the kids. I don't think they had any memory of it. So I was really happy to take them again. I knew they would love it even more now that they were older. Ape cave is the longest continuous lava tube in the continental United States. It was discovered in the 50's by a group of Boy Scouts. The cave itself is 2.5 miles long. I am not sure how much of the tube is traveled by tourists. It felt like it took forever though. The ground is so uneven because of the lave rock. And this time we only had head lamps instead of lanterns so the lighting was poor. I also made the mistake of holding Sara instead of bringing the carrier. She wasn't very interested in being held and so she fought me the whole way. We called it quits a little before the end of the route and headed back - very slowly!
Here is our group. Karin headed back early too and so she and a few of the kids are not in the picture.
The kids had a great time finding little caves and crevices to climb in.
They also had a great time standing on this ledge and turning all the lights on and off.
I was just glad to be back to the car. I have come to realize that some things are just way more enjoyable with the men in your lives. You know, someone to carry the burdens....

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Nicole said...

You mean the pack mules :)