Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Orange Julius

Chase is still raving over his visit with the Johnson's in Georgia. One of the repeated themes I keep hearing from him is how totally yummy their "Johnson Margaritas" are.

I think having a special family drink is pretty cool. So I thought I would share ours.

Orange Julius was a very special but very rare treat in my family when I was a little girl. The recipe is my Mother's. I don't know where she stumbled upon it.

The kids run from what ever corner of the house the are hiding away in whenever they hear the blender pulse. We have made Orange Julius several times this summer.

It was especially wonderful when we were dying of record breaking temperatures. It is a perfect compliment to "breakfast dinners" which we happen to have very frequently. If there are eggs involved there is a 50/50 chance that we are having our favorite drink too. The kids love it when I make it for their friends when they are having sleep-overs. There are so many good excuses to indulge in this family favorite. So here is our top secret family recipe. Please share yours too. (HINT...HINT)

Orange Julius

-2 cups milk (if you have whole, use it)

2 cups cold water

one 12oz can frozen orange juice concentrate (we use Minute Maid and I think it matters)

1 teaspoon (overflowing) vanilla extract

1/2 cup sugar

a tray (about 12) ice cubes

Blend away...I usually have to take the top off of my blender because it is so full.


Nicole said...

I can't stand eggs (it's even more of an issue now than it has always been). I've never liked them but after eating them for my three diabetes tests, I really have a tough time stomaching them now- I guess my problem is that I needed Orange Julius...

sixlayerdip said...

Yum! Sounds good! I think I'll try it soon...as soon as I unpack the kitchen!

Soggy in Seattle said...

We missed you guys at the Mariner's game on Sat! I hear things are finalized on a house closer to us! We'll have to get together again sometime soon!
p.s. very cute kitten!

RuSty and LaLa said...

so its been a while since I read your blog. Very fun updates. I love the kitty! I am a sucker too. I would totally have adopted this dog but luckily we can't have dogs in our apt. I think i like animals better than people.

Ok, i haven't made it for my family but growing up we always had banana milk. Dave can tell you about it. Its an alternative to making banana bread when your bananas are going brown...very yummy. Ask grandpa for the recipe.

Tricia said...

Here's our latest drink that has my twins screaming for more and the other kids gulping in delight:

One big handful Costco spinach
One big handful Costco mangoes
About a dozen big Costco frozen strawberries
Equal parts orange juice and water (approx. 1 cup-ish each)


Great to find your blog!