Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Plan and a Sneak Peak

After two weeks of agonizing "what do we do nows?", after our Battle Ground plans fell through we have decided to move to Puyallup. There just aren't any other opportunities that sound good to us right now. So we are moving to Puyallup where Dave will continue to work for Graham Family Dental Care. He is happily to looking forward to a shorter drive. Hopefully we will have him home more often instead of forfeiting our family time to the freeway. It has all kind of been a whirlwind. After a week of looking all day long on the Internet at homes and then two days out and about with Carolyn, our real estate agent from Vancouver, we found a house.

It was really hard. There were so many good options in Puyallup. None of them perfect but at least four of them had something really great and unique to offer. In the end I chose this house. I am still not sure Dave is as on board as I would like him to be. It is hardly what we were looking for.

The lot is slopped and there is no grass and running room. It only has three bedrooms. The garage is in front (YUCK!). The curb appeal leaves much to be desired. But I look at it and see how wonderful it could be with some money and TLC.

So we put in a bid. And they excepted! So this will be our home come the middle of September. I would share the MLS page but it is worthless. The listing agent did it such a disservice. There are only 7 pictures, 5 of which are pictures of plants. So you will all have to wait in horrible suspense until we move in... is a sneak peak. I love it, it's like a blog cliff hanger;-)


Anonymous said...

Well the back yard looks amazing!!!Love Mom

Andrea said...

How exciting for you guys! Congrats!