Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sara Strikes Again and Again and Again!

I feel sometimes like some of my "wifely" duties are a joke. I know a "good" wife is supposed to keep a clean house. But then many women have daughters like mine. (OK...I know probably most of you) It seems Sara has been particularly feisty this month. Here she is decorating my fridge. My other children know that they are supposed to draw on paper and then put their art on the fridge. Sara is all for getting rid of the middle man. Who needs pesky paper? Here she is attacking the fruit bowl. Poor produce. There were pesticides to protect it from pests all the way along until the poor fruit came to my house. No pesticide to keep them safe from Sara. She now is climbing up on my counter tops. Every piece of fruit had at least one bite.What I didn't get a picture of was her artwork on my brand new computer screen (twice) -thank goodness for magic erasers!

I also missed out on her attempts at beautifying our poor kitten Nacho. She have him a Vaseline hairdo. His poor fur didn't recover for at least a week.

She also got into my make-up who knows how many times until we finally put a lock on the drawer. I think she destroyed two lipsticks, my powder compact, one eye shadow, a handful of chap sticks (I' have several because I am addicted) and dumped out half of my foundation (which is fortunately the same color as our carpet).

There is never a dull moment in this house. But why clean when I have this little Tasmanian devil to deal with!?!?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! Did the marker come off the refreg?
I am going to buy her a tie down or something.
She is so creative.