Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Papo's 8oth Birthday Surprise!

This was the moment we had been waiting for. The picture we had in our minds. The lasting image we wanted to create that was wroth driving for 15 hours. Totally surprising Great Grandpa on his birthday!

My Aunt Kathy had invited Papo (that is his new name given to him by little Sara) to have a birthday breakfast. She went to pick him up at his condo and Uncle Lane drove us to the restaurant to get ready for the big moment.

We barely beat him. I was just getting out my camera a and shooting off some test shots to get the lighting just right (I always forget that I have a flash for taking great indoor shots). So there I was monkeying around with aperture and stuff when the kids spot him coming through the window. I barely had time to get out of the camera menu before he was walking through the door. The kids jumped up from their hiding spaces behind a booth. Poor Papo had to lean back against the windows for support and hid his face in surprise. I barley managed to pull of a shot of this special moment we had all been waiting for. The kids are just a blur but you can see we clearly surprised poor Great Grandpa.
Here everybody is getting a big squeeze. they just love him to death. Ever since his visit this spring the kids have been aching for another visit. I went back and worth considering whether or not to make this trip. It was poor timing. Right after a camping trip and right before school starts. But I am sooo glad we did.
We are the most delicious breakfast ever. I am totally addicted to Magelby's now. I wish they would expand their franchise outside of Utah. We had the best french toast and the yummiest syrup I have ever had. In fact we went back two more times during our stay. I think that we will always associated Magelby's with Papo now. It will be super sweet in our memories for two reasons!
After breakfast we went back home with him to watch a movie. Afterwards we went to the Creamery at BYU for ice cream. It was so fun to be with Papo again. He is so good to us and we love him so much!

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Nicole said...

That is so cool that you guys did that- he was so surprised!