Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Four

I have no idea what imagination less person was permitted to name this amazing beach - "Beach 4". What a disservice they did this wonderful beach. My friend Priscilla told me I could not miss out on this beach in particular. It was a hard choice. We only had the time to take my parents to one beach. With so many choices I stressed about it the whole car ride to the coast. I had been to Ruby beach and Rialto beach. They were sure things. I knew my Mom would love Ruby beach for it's photogenic sunsets. I knew that Rialto would be a hit to. It's smooth beautiful stones, the hole in the wall and the rock formations out in the surf also had a lot to offer. But I kept thinking about Priscilla's recommendation. They have seen all the beaches too, and this was their favorite. Finally tide pools won out in the battle in my mind. I am so glad to.
This is the best group shot. I took four pictures and my parents had their eyes closed in every single one!
So this is Beach 4. Honestly it doesn't look like much. There aren't any stunning photo opportunities. But we had such a great time. The tide pools were all that we had hoped they would be. We timed it so that we would visit during a low tide (I wish it had been lower though). We found tons of star fish, crabs and anemones. Our family favorite though was feeding the anemones little anchovy fish that had been stranded in the tide pools. I think Dave came up with the idea. I was sceptical. The fish we big, relatively. And dead... But here Chase is. Feeding the hungry suckers. The crazy thing is that the anemones latched onto the fish immediately and in seconds the fish was gone. No kidding. In less than a minute the nasty little things had sucked down the whole fish. It was kind of creepy. For the next hour the kids ran about collecting fish to feed to carnivorous sea plants.

The rest of us spent our time trying to keep track of Sara and attempting in vain to avoid Zeke. Here Dave and the kids weren't so lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Good shots, the tide pool was amazing.
Grandma D