Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Come For a Visit

My Mom and Dad just visited us from Tucson. I guess they needed a break from their summer heat and 100 plus temperatures. No place like the Northwest to visit for perfect Summer weather....

Oh wait, that is unless you come to visit during a record breaking heat wave that melted all of us to a sizzling puddle of people pudding.

All summer long I have been calling my parents in Arizona and bragging about our 70-80 degree, you can't get more perfect than this, weather. While they baked and broiled in temperatures up in the 115 plus I flaunted our fair weather. Then payback came. Boy was it ugly. I think it got up to 103 degrees here in Dupont. And then the final kicker was the loss of our electricity for twelve hours.

Of course that was the night my parents came. I came back from the airport and Dave had candles and flashlights at the ready. We cooked that night. There was no breeze, no electricity to power our ceiling fans nothing but mucky torture. My poor Mom and Dad were such good sports.

So we tried to beat the heat. We went on a ferry ride to Anderson Island and spent the day at the lake. Then we went to the coast. We were reward with cooler temperatures there thank goodness.


Anonymous said...

It felt just like home, so no problema!
Tucson Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I don't care what he said above, it was HOT!!- But then again it was good company.
Grandma D