Saturday, October 31, 2009

Best Costumes Ever

Do you know what happens when you put Dad in charge of the costumes for Halloween?

* You spend WAY less money!
* You spend WAY less time!
* You don't loose sleep because you are having a hard time following a pattern!
* You don't freak out if they start to fall apart (because they were way less money and took way less time)!
* The kids get to be more involved.
* After years of making great costumes your kids finally won a costume contest!

So Dad you had better watch out because, that's a whole lot of pros and not any cons. You might be on the hook for all the years to come!

Seriously the kids had the coolest costumes this year, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

They look great! But to be truthful they have ALWAYS looked fantastic.
Grandma D

Andrea said...

so awesome! DAds have such great imaginations. I love it when they get the kids involved too.

Andrea said...
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Meghan said...

Man the kids looked good. Though I'm not going to recognize Sara when I get there... she looks so grown up!

The Seaquist Family said...

Ok I think I am going to have to do that next year. I would be interested to see what Derek comes up with. I'm sure it would be AWESOME. LOVE the costumes, and love that you are blogging again. I've missed you....lots!

Kath said...

Those are GREAT costumes and I LOVE to see their smiling faces. They look like they are having so much fun :)