Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bones, Ribs, Gordon Salad...

How do you feast "Halloween" style?
Blood soup (tomato bisque)
Bones (thank you Heather R. for your brilliance)
Ribs Gorgon Salad (with Gorgonzola, another Heather R. recipe)
Hand pressed apple cider
Pumpkin Squares (my friend Kathryn L.'s yummy recipe)
Ghoulish vanilla shakes
And there you have it. A perfect Fright Night Feast. This year we shared our special dinner with our Sister Missionaries. Hopefully we didn't "spook" them too much!


Anonymous said...

Boy did you ever go all out. Love the shot of the table, what a cool ceiling. Bet it was so fun for all.....

Nicole said...

Wowsers! looks fun!

Andrea said...

looks amazing Jenny! So fun! you make me look bad. You know what I did for my kids on Halloween nt for their dinner? Nothing!