Thursday, October 22, 2009

My Budding Artists

Flower Batch - Kate, Kindergarten
Humming Bird Bonanza - Emily, 4rth grade

The girls decided this year to participate in the PTA's Reflections contest. The theme is, "Beauty Is...". I think they drew absolutely beautiful artwork so they win for sure in my book. I have no doubt that Emily's "Hummingbird Bonanza" was inspired by our visit to my Aunt Kathy's house where we fed humming birds and were surrounded by 30 or so. Kate has been drawing flowers for the last few days. AS Emily worked on her project she grew increasingly interested in doing it too. So tonight she worked on this. Painting was a little frustrating for her. Chase said something sweet to her. He thought she would win for sure since all the other Kindergartners were still drawing potato people. (his words) They worked really hard. I am very proud of them.


Anonymous said...

Those are some really beautiful pictures, Chase is priceless!
Grandma D

Nicole said...

They are just gorgeous!