Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chase's Personal Alphabet

A- artistic (good at origami, painting, and sketching)
B- bad (at losing)
C- collector (marbles, rocks, shells, Lego's, stuffed animals, bionicles)
D- dependable (people can trust me to do my job)
E- energetic (always full of energy)
F- fast learner (especially how to do things)
G- Great Grandpa lover (I love my great grandpa)
H- helper (I can carry in lots of bags of groceries at once)
I- inspired (by my Dad, I want to be like him)
J- just (I am always worried about things being fair)
K- killer hair (I hate when my Mom says It's time to cut my hair!)
L- Lego builder (I love everything about Lego's!!!)
M- math (I really like algebra)
N- nurturing (I take really good care of Sara)
O- obedient (most of the time)
P- proactive (can jump into things without being asked)
Q- quick ( I am a fast runner)
R- reader (I like fantasy and mythology and books with battles)
S- strong (I carried a huge log to our camp this summer)
T- talented (creating things, art and mathematics)
U- unwasteful (I am good at saving money and other things)
V- vigorous (strong body and mind)
W- worker (I'm fast and I don't stop till it's done)
X- eXpert guitar player (if you count Rock Band)
Y- yummy (candy especially, I have a huge storage of candy!)
Z- zany (my Mom says I am silly all the time)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I smiled when I read your list, I remember that log..... Also that you are a very good money saver.
Love you
Grandma D