Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Katie's Personal Alphabet

A- artist (I love to draw pictures)
B- book lover (I love them because they have cool pictures)
C- cheese lover (my favorite is cheddar cheese)
D- Daddy's helper (I like working together with Dad)
E- emotional (she struggles with those deep feelings)
F- friend (I want to have sleepovers)
G- going to the movies (especially if there is popcorn)
H- helper (especially cooking and cracking eggs)
I- indecisive (Mom says I have a really hard time maker a choice)
J- joke lover (my jokes make Emily and Chase happy)
K- kitty lover (because they are cuddly, soft and purr really loud)
L- love bug (she bonds deeply with people)
M- Mommy's girl (I like to be with my Mom)
N- nice (I say thank you and help everybody)
O- obsessed w/teeth (I like to check my teeth and find a loose one)
P- picker (especially the paint on Mom's hands when she paints)
Q- quiet (Mom says I am quieter than my brother and sisters)
R- rough house (unless I get hurt)
S- sensitive (my feelings get hurt easy)
T- toucher (I like to cuddle and snuggle)
U- upset (sometimes I get mad when people don't listen)
V- vocal (Mom says I talk a lot)
W- whisperer (when I am nervous or shy I whisper to my Mom)
X- eXcellent sister (especially to Sara)
Y- young (the second youngest in my family)
Z- zipper (I like to zip things)


Anonymous said...

Oh Katie,
Your Grandma sure does love you, you have that ability to just melt my heart, if sweet was sold in the store it would have your picture on it.
Love ya
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

Katie-Have you found a loose tooth, yet. Aiden looks all the time, too. He is sure he has a loose one-but when I check it magically stops wiggleing. He's a cutie, just like you!