Friday, October 9, 2009

Insight Into Us

So Dave is headed down to L.A. to be with his Sister's family as they have their second baby sealed to them. He is happy to be getting to see his whole family. But with the move and all on our minds we haven't been really thinking clearly about things.

This morning I wake up at 7:55. "Dave when does the bus come" I ask. We drop Dave off at the bus station in Lakewood when he is taking a flight. It is so much easier than going all the way to the airport. "9:00," Dave sleepily replies. He was out playing laser tag late into the night. "It's almost 8:00," I say in my I'm about to nag you voice. A minute later we are both up trying to rush getting everybody ready. I am headed straight to the pumpkin patch with the kids after dropping Dave off and Dave hasn't even packed yet.

We make it to the car a little behind schedule. Being a "little behind" schedule has been an everyday occurrence ever since we had our first baby. Well that's not true. Ever since I married Dave we have been a "little bit" behind schedule. It is not Dave's strength. But in all fairness since we had our first baby neither of us has been really great at pulling things together on time. So, we are in the car on our way and Dave grimaces. He needs exact change for the bus fair. "Check your wallet," I say hopefully. Nothing but a twenty in that billfold. I check my purse. I have 50 cents. We need $3.50. Next thing I am asking, "does anybody have any money in the car?" The kids have been bringing their wallets and purses along lately just in case we go to Target. Sure enough Chase has almost exactly the money we need. He had four dollars and we needed three! I look at Dave with the hugest expression of relief I am sure. There was no time to stop for change and I TOTALLY didn't want to take him all the way to Sea-Tac. I think we can not possible count the number of times Chase has bailed us out with a short term loan in a pinch.

So we are just getting off the freeway at 8:57. The bus stop is around the corner and we are stuck at a red left hand turn light. As we watch in horror, the bus turns the corner into the terminal. We know from experience that they won't wait and won't stop anywhere except the stop, not even a few feet away from it. Like I said we haven't been running on schedule for 13 years now.

We are sitting there trapped at the light and next thing I know...brace yourself...ready...I'm telling Dave to run the light. I know, totally nuts! I said it a few more times with extra emphasis and then Dave did. We purposefully ran right through that red light all in the name of making it to the bus. Which we did, without a ticket, so all is well.

On the way back towards home and the pumpkin patch Chase comments, "aren't we always about to miss the bus?"

Hummmm...good point.

(I know you all wanted to see pictures of the house...maybe tomorrow)


The Seaquist Family said...

I was just commenting to Derek the other day that I used to always be on time. Early most of the time. I was known for being on time. And now I find myself saying, hurry, hurry, we're running late...all the time. Every time we head to the car just about. Maybe that is one of the reasons I rarely fix my hair. Hey it's clean, what more do you want? Miss you. Glad to see you are blogging again. I have much to blog....soon. I'm so behind.

Familia Bethers said...

LOL! This could be the story of our life! Only I would have let John miss the bus instead of running the red light. (Only so I could tell him he should have packed the night before and left on time!) When he's home and wants to take M to school he ALWAYS makes her late and has to check her in. Because of him she is probably the only kindergartner with a ton of tardies.

Anonymous said...

You little sinker, you just wait till you hear Chase runs a red light to met some deadline. Gives a whole new meaning.
Glad you are safe.

Nicole said...

ok- so i needed cash (exact change, no checks) for super saturday. i'm not great on having an assortment of cash on hand. jessie does. she has a savings accoiunt linked to mine. i asked if she'd give me cash and i'd transfer over that amount into her account- no such luck...

Melissa said...

Oh Jenny! I love Love LOVE reading your blog!!! (have I told you that before?!) I just laughed out loud when I read Chase's comment. Classic!

Anonymous said...

Bad, bad girl! Now, if I would have been driving you would'nt have even gotten there to have to run the light, Ha! Grandma's right, you had better hope that Chase doesn't remember this little episode.

scesther said...

I am laughing so hard! Not just the story, but the way you tell it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I for one appreciate the effort. We loved having Dave in Cali and it makes it mean even more knowing he was willing to risk a ticket for our sweet Aubrey.