Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emily's Personal Alphabet

A- ADD (mom says)
B- beautiful (my Mom says that too)
C- cook (cookies especially)
D- doodle (I love to draw flowers and bunnies)
E- emotional (I feel deeply, very deeply about things)
F- fantastic sister (if I say so myself)
G- Greek mythology (I love the Percy Jackson books)
H- happy (my family, drawing, reading and my teacher)
I- imagination (I am full of ideas)
J- joyful (I try to be happy all the time)
K- kind (I like to give love notes to my family)
L- lots of friends (I make friends easily)
M- mad (when Chase is being really annoying)
N- nice (I try to be nice to everyone)
O- outgoing (I am not shy)
P- playful ( I am fun to be around)
Q- quitter (it's hard to do things when they get hard)
R- read (especially suspense books)
S- sharer (even since I was little)
T- trustworthy (my Mom and Dad think I am honest)
U- unhurried (I take a long time to do things)
V- vivacious (Mom says I am)
W- witty (I have a good since of humor)
X- eXuberant (I have lots of energy and excitement)
Y- yappy (Chase thinks I'm a blabber-mouth)
Z- Zany (I'm never serious)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear Emily,
I agree with the totally caring about things, people, and animals even. And you are for sure completely fun to be around.
Love you
Grandma D