Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sara's Alphabet

A- aggressive (she sure does give out rough love)
B- baby lover (nothing is sweeter than watching her be a mommy)
C- chublet (perfectly squeezable)
D- dancer (she can definitely get her grove on)
E- eyes (she has the most beautiful piercing eyes)
F- feisty (she had better get what she wants)
G- gorgeous (she is stunning like her sisters)
H- happy (she is only sad when she is hurt or doesn't get her way)
I- intelligent (you can already tell she's going to be clever)
J- junky (she's seen every episode of Max and Rudy a hundred times)
K- kissable (every sweet little inch of her)
L- lovable (she has us all wrapped around her little finger)
M- monkey (nothing gets in her way...she is an allterain vehicle)
N- nurturer (she takes such good care of her babies)
O- obsessed with Nacho (poor cat...)
P- parrot (she is talking up a storm these days)
Q- quotable (we love repeating Sara's cute little words)
R- ravenous (eater of candy and cereal)
S- stubborn (more than any other child)
T- trouble (it's a good thing she's cute because she is a terror)
U- unreasonable (is it too much to ask her to stop growing so fast?)
V- vocalist (she carries a tune like nobody's business)
W- wild (like a hurricane)
X- eXtremely open (she will go to anybody)
Y- yeller (she loves a good scream now and then)
Z- zesty (she is the spice of our life)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Little Sara,
Yep you are all those things, especially the totally kissable and adorable.
Grandma D