Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dave's Personal Alphabet

A-athletic (not that I'm really good at anything, but I like sports)
B-boring (just the way a dentist should be, right?)
C-construction (seems to be all I do with my spare time these days)
D-daring (I love a little adrenaline now and then)
E- easy (Dave is easy to please and pretty easy-going)
F-fearful (of werewolves mostly)
G-gullible (always the last to realize)
H-happy (I'm a pretty lucky guy to have such a great family)
I-injury prone (lots of stitches and broken bones in my past)
J-joker (love a good practical joke)
K- knowledgeable (Dave knows a lot about many things)
L-lucky (see "happy" above)
M-mild mannered (just like Clark Kent)
N-nerdy (I still read fantasy and sci-fi books)
O-optimist (it usually works out)
P-political (I hate politics, but I can't stop watching the news)
Q-quiet (don't usually have a lot to say)
R-realistic (I'm usually the buzzkill for Jen's grand plans)
S-stubborn (where Jen and I clash; neither of us is ever wrong)
T-tall (at least in the Philippines I was a giant)
U-unemotional (Jen wishes I would show more)
V-vacant (apt to daydream and ignore my surroundings)
W-work (I really enjoy my job)
X- eXcellent handyman (Jen thinks Dave can conquer any job)
Y- yearn for peace (a peace keeper; uncomfortable with conflict)
Z- zealous (about his family)


Anonymous said...

You forgot to add awesome son-in-law.
Grandma D

Anonymous said...

I think you should have a week of an emotional basket case-Crying spells, insecurities, and at the end of your rope where everything sets you off-heck you won't even need a week-Jen will never want an emotional Dave again!
Love you lil bro