Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Year Of Dreams Coming True

Isn't it great that we get to send Emily to horse camp! What a wonderful privilege it is for her. And the best part is that she got to go with her super awesome friend again! And the wonderful memories of last year only made Emily even more excited to go this year.

Emily says that one of her favorite parts of camp was her time around the campfire. She is a big fan of all the fun songs that she learns every year. This year she came home singing a whole new set of songs. And she is still singing... Most of the songs are repeat and answer songs and she has been busy teaching them to her sister. Smores are always a pleaser too. And getting them twice in a week was a pretty cool treat. The night before camp finished she had campfire and stayed up all night long. Emily says that they got to eat as many as they wanted because the counselors said they wouldn't have to deal with girls on sugar rushes - they were all headed home.
Her horse this year was Misty. Emily was lucky to get her favorite horse. She was nice and gentle. Emily said that she wasn't the best horse in the world and nobody else wanted to ride her. That made Emma love her even more. She is always looking after the underdog. I went to visit her one day and got to watch her drift away into her own little world of horsey fantasy as she stood there braiding Misty's hair and tail. I got to see her riding bareback when I visited. She is always riding bareback. I have such wild daughters. Emily thinks it is more fun. She also had a soft spot for her horse who apparently had a girth sore and it would have been painful for her to ride with a saddle. That is my Emily; sweet to the bone. She had more practice trotting this year. And even started to trot her horse over poles in preparation for learning how to jump.
Emma and Kaitlyn enjoyed all the arts and crafts that they were able to do. This year they were allowed to swim a lot in the pool. She swam so much that she came home with green hair! They painted their nails, ran through the fields trying to catch horses together and got to talk long hours into to the night sleeping on third level bunk beds right next to each other.


Anonymous said...

Emily is so lucky to have this experience and it is Emily to the bone.

Nicole said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm glad she had fun.

Cathy said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun - I want to go!! I love how you described Emily in this post. By describing what she likes in a horse and how tender she is to it speaks volumes about her personality. So cute!