Monday, July 13, 2009

London Bridges Falling Down...

At least I feel like the world is falling down around me. Today was a really dreadful day. We found out last night that our whole Battle Ground plan has collapsed. It is crushing. Like the lose-your-faith-in-humanity kind of crushing. We had for 6 months been working so hard to carefully make plans to move to Battle Ground. I can't count the number of trips we have made to look at neighborhoods, schools, wards, have dinner with the selling dentist, lunch meetings, business meetings and so much more.

Just a day ago I was lying in bed fantasizing where all my furniture might go in my new house. Now I am lying in bed depressed at the thought of losing $5,000 of earnest money.

A day ago we were about to purchase a really great practice that would be ours. We would make our own hours, take vacations, have Dad home in the evenings, and eventually own a business that would really be worth something. Now we don't know what to do. Dave has already given his notice to his employer in Graham. We don't want to be in Dupont forever. Next year, two of our really great friends will be moving and we will be stuck, left to make friends with a new round of military greats only to lose them too in a few years.

A day ago the kids and I were discussing the adventure of tree house construction. Now I am back to yelling at them when they try to hang on the limbs of our ONE, TINY crab apple tree.

All of this because someone was greedy and dishonest. Is is too much to ask that you base the price of your business off of correct financial records. Shouldn't we pay for what it's worth now and not what it could potentially be valued at. What ever happened to negotiation?!

Everyone has said, "there must be something better"...well, bring on the something better!


Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like you have now found something better in the new dream you are pursuing.

Heather said...

I'm so sorry it didn't work out as you hoped. I hope "something better" comes your way soon.