Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Strawberry fields, forever...
the essence of childhood
captured in time.

Beautiful, endless fields
to young eyes and weightless hearts
always a dream.

There is nothing but sweetness,
No thorns to be wary of,
no cares for now.

Time passes quickly by you,
memories will fade and leave,

Strawberry fileds, forever!
Tender memories linger,
somewhere in time.



Nicole said...

I loved the one time I remember picking strawberries.

Anonymous said...

Bet the kids had great fun, so is it strawberry jam time in the Wilcox household?

McInnes Family said...

You guys have the most amazing adventures! I love that you take your kids so many awesome places and that they are able to experience such cool things. I would be sad to move away from that too! Such a cool place. When are you guys moving?? Hope everything else is good with you guys. Matt said to tell Dave Hi!