Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth Of July Dupont Style

I love being an American. What can I say other than it really must be the best place to live in the world. I can't even imagine life without all of the rights, privileges and freedoms that we have. Because I love America, and celebrating the birth of our wonderful country...I LOVE DUPONT. Dupont really knows how to throw down a great festival!

Every year we look forward to another great feast of tradition. There is the trip to Old Navy to wardrobe the family in new flag T-shirts. Then the stop at Michaels to buy all sorts of red, white and blue stuff to decorate the kids bikes. The kids did a really super job this year with their bikes, which they decorated all by themselves. We look forward to seeing Dad and Chase run in the mud run. Zeke is always the center of a favorite tradition. Each year he gets all decked out in red, white and blue and a mohawk to celebrate our awesome country. We love the face painting, pony rides, music, hot dogs everything. Getting to ride in the parade, collecting candy from people on the floats. The coolest personal / neighborhood fireworks show your eyes have ever beheld after a long hour perusing the firework booth display. It all adds up to the coolest celebration ever!
This year the kids had their own lemonade stand. They did everything all by themselves. Made posters to advertise, cooked up many batches of cookies the night before, decorated and manned the table... They earned a whopping $50.00! The extra cash was a big boom to Emily's efforts to earn her $100 for horse camp.

We danced, ate, sat in the shade and the whole time celebrated the birth and continued growth of a truly "Promised Land!"

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