Friday, July 17, 2009

Cub Scout Day Camp - A Huge Success

This has been one of the greatest successes I have ever been a part of. In February I joined a committee to plan our Stakes Cub Scout day camp. My friend Karin Huillet and I went to meeting after meeting planning what will become a wonderful memory of team work. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed working on anything as a group. I usually dread it. In fact after my first of these meetings I didn't have high hopes. But now I know that it is totally possible to create something wonderful and memorable WITH other people.

I never have been a team player. I shun help. I remember the first time I really hurt Dave's feelings. We were getting ready for our wedding reception. I was decorating my wedding cake with fresh flowers and Dave came up and offered his help. I turned him away. I knew I had hurt him, but I didn't want to share the job.

It is just in my nature to go at it solo. I guess I have trust issues. Any how... now I know that with the right people team playing can create something magnificent.

Last year we participated in the day camp sponsored by the Boy Scout district in our area. It was down right awful - and expensive. I shared how disappointed I was with Karin (my friend and our Primary president at the time). She went to the stake with the idea of doing the camp as a stake the next year. From that a committee was born. And then months later and after long hours of planning a Day Camp that Chase says got better ever day.

Our theme was Book of Mormon Heroes. We planned for four days of camp. Our first day was planned around the explorers and settlers of the Book of Mormon. We focused on Nephi and Lehi. The boys made liahonas, had a compass class and orienteering course. We had them build model boats, play capture the flag, do come cooking and make their own den flags.

On the second day we focused on the military leaders of the Book of Mormon like Moroni. The boys got to construct catapults that shot marshmallows. They tied knots, played tug of war, cooked some more learned about what true patriotism means and came up with Den cheers.

Day three was all about missionary heroes from the Book of Mormon like Alma, Amulek and Ammon. we taught the boys about being instruments in the lords hands and had them build tool kits and learn first aid. They cooked, played games practiced working together to make skits.

On their last day the boys went on a three mile hike, collected trash, learned about nature along the trails and about enduring to the end on a hot day. We had a family potluck dinner and them enjoyed the presentation of skits and awards.

I haven't heard a single negative thing about or camp. Chase came home tonight and said, "Mom, this was the best week of my life!" That's when I knew it was all worth it and that I would do it all over again!

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Wow, sounds like a lot of work but well worth it, good job!!!